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CORE [Kor] Noun 1. most vital or most important part. 2. The essence.

Not only does the dictionary back us up but so does research... Pilates alleviates low back pain...Yoga reduces stress and improves sleep quality....Pilates now shown to help increase your levels of "good cholesterol"... the list continues. 

Stop in and experience for yourself just how good a body can feel...

Why Core?


CORE Pilates & Yoga Studio is a Personal Fitness Training and Small Group Pilates and Yoga  facility located in Wexford.  We specialize in fusion fitness training… combining Pilates, Yoga and Functional Fitness.  Through our exclusive training program, ZenLates™, we provide a contemporary approach to health and fitness.  Our unique programming offers a client centered workout that begins with your core for strength and stability, working you from the inside - out.

At CORE Pilates & Yoga, we are committed to providing our clients the opportunity to FEEL the difference a regular mind body program can offer, SEE the results both physically and mentally and BECOME transformed to a new state of health and wellness.

Join US - exclusive Personal Fitness Training Boutique in Wexford, PA.

Feel Better...

See Results...  Become Transformed.