Co-Founders of Core Pilates & Yoga Studio; Danielle and Lara met as client and trainer and formed a bond with the commitment to offer quality client-centered mind/body programming that delivers results.

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OWNER:  Danielle Proctor

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Here’s a Bit More About Us

Co-Founders:  Lara Garda & Danielle Proctor

A graduate of CMU, Danielle has over 17 years experience managing businesses. After a knee injury requiring full ACL and meniscus reconstruction, Danielle started personal Pilates training to enhance her physical therapy program. Experiencing immediate results and an unusually speedy recovery, Danielle realized the true potential of Pilates and established CORE Pilates & Yoga in 2008. Danielle is happy to combine her love of Pilates  with her amateur golfing passion!

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Core Pilates & Yoga is a small group and private training studio.  At Core, we are committed to providing our clients the opportunity to FEEL the difference a regular mind-body program can offer; SEE the results both physically and mentally and BECOME transformed to a new state of health and wellness

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Core Pilates & Yoga Studio is proud to offer the latest and greatest equipment in the Mind/Body Fitness Industry:

  • Balanced Body Studio Reformers with Infinity Foot Bars and full Tower Conversion Systems
  • PEAK Pilates MVe Fitness Chairs
  • Balanced Body ARC's
  • Health Mark Ballet Barres
  • TRX
  • Full assortment of Core Conditioning Props
    • Medicine Balls
    • BOSU
    • Body Bars
    • Hand Weights
    • Tubing/Bands

alth and therapeutic benefits. Come visit us to see why yoga practiced in an infrared heated room creates an environment ideal for maximum health.

We offer classes, courses, and workshops that shed light on the interpreting and incorporating the nature of yoga with all other aspects of life. We welcome your questions, feedback and insights as you and we evolve.