One-on-One Training

Core Pilates & Yoga Llc

First Time Visiting Core?

If you are New to Core or simply New to Mind/Body Fitness and not sure which direction to turn then, the Intro to CORE Package  is the perfect place to begin your journey. 

The Into to CORE Package includes two- private training sessions, plus a posture analysis and goal setting process.

Begin with an initial consultation to assess your current state of health as well as define your fitness goals.  From here we have a starting point to measure your progress.

Following the Intro to CORE Package, you and your instructor will review your level of strength, technical proficiency and awareness to determine a “best fit” training schedule based on availability, goals, needs and abilities.

Intro to CORE package:  $99

*Our training sessions are 55 minutes in length and the Postural Analysis takes approximately 15 minutes and will be scheduled with your first appointment. Both sessions must be completed within 1 month.

The Benefits of Training

Postural Symmetry                                                         Breath Expansion & Control

Abdominal Strength                                                       Muscular Flexibility & Endurance

Stabilization of Spine, Pelvis and Shoulder                Joint Stability & Mobility

More Efficient Movement Patterning                          Relief from Chronic Pain

Play Sport(s) Injury Free                                                Stress Relief

One-on-One Training

Why Personal Training?

Personal Training will deliver a client centered workout customized to your strengths and weaknesses.  This type of training is scheduled with your convenience in mind and the workout time will prove to be both efficient and effective.  Training can be set-up in a one-on-one environment or expanded to accommodate up to three participants.

At Core we keep the payment plan simple by offering a drop-in rate as well as a “house account system” we call Core Flex.

  • Single 60-minute Private Session = $65  
  • Single 40-minute Private Session = $50
  • Single 90-minute Private Session = $95

Duet and Trio pricing all available on our schedule and price list button on the home page!

With Core Flex begin with as little as $200 onto your house account and then enjoy the benefits of reduced pricing:

  • Core Flex 60-minute Private Session = $59
  • Core Flex 40-minute Private Session = $40
  • Core Flex 90-minute Private Session = $85

Renew your Core Flex and customize your pricing to fit your training needs.

This Payment on Account Plan gives you the convenience of pay-as-you-go with special discounted session rates. Replenish your account when the balance is $10 or less.