Pilates Training Modules

450 Hour Pilates Teacher Training

Mat I - An introduction to the history and principles of Pilates, the beginning exercises and an introduction to the intermediate level exercises with modifications. 

Mat II & III - Learn the remaining intermediate and advanced level exercises as well as the use of props for advancing clients and providing appropriate modifications.  The original Pilates Mat repertoire movements are learned as well as more contemporary exercise sequences.

Reformer I - The cornerstone to your equipment education training begins here...  Begin teaching Reformer Movements for core stabilization, strength and mobility. Proper set-up, execution and cuing for over 100 exercises.  
Reformer II -  Enhance your client's workouts through exercises which offer a deeper focus on breath work and core stability.  Utilize a variety of props to enhance muscular connections and firing patterns during the workout and learn integrated training with reformer and tower combinations for added challenges.  This training will take your Pilates movement and education to the next level aiding in the continued recruitment of clientele.

Tower/Half Trapeze - Advance your movement repertoire .  Tower work adds increased resistance and range of motion your client's workout.  This training is appropriate for learning Trapeze Table, Tower and Wall Unit exercises.

Pilates Fitness Chair - A full repertoire of movement to challenge your client's strength, muscular endurance and balance with over 50 exercises.


The FIT BIZ  - Because creativity and passion without income is not sustainable, ZenLates Training Systems offers business training that will help you get and keep clients coming back for more.  Learn recruitment and retention strategies and tips on training multiple clients.
Athletic Jump Board Training  - Blast Off with this combination of core training and aerobic exercise with the jump board on the Pilates Reformer. 
Pilates Arc - Enhance your understanding and experience the versatility of the Pilates Arc, often referred to as the Spine Corrector or Step Barrel.  Learn classic movements, innovative applications as well as restorative yoga poses. 
Ladder Barrel - Movement using the ladder barrel isolates deep postural muscles and challenges the body in all planes of movement; learn a series of exercises and complimentary stretches.

Mat Work Fusion – the Core Fusion Formula - This innovative system of movement is a blend of Fitness Core Training, Pilates Mat, and Yoga Asana.  Pilates Mat Work, contemporary core training and flow-style Yoga Postures will add unique combinations to your existing Mat/Yoga classes or take the first step to teaching a mind/body flow practice.
Barre Fitness -  Tap in to the popular Ballet Barre method and take your Pilates knowledge in the vertical plane toning the hips and thighs like never before.  This great workout is hot on the fitness scene right now so capitalize on the knowledge and start packing your classes today!

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Core Pilates & Yoga Studio is proud to be an affiliate of the Pilates Education Institute, offering a fully Comprehensive, 450-Hour Pilates Teacher Training Program.

This program is brought to you exclusively by ZenLates Training Systems.
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This unique training system incorporates the best in Mind/Body Disciplines…Yoga & Pilates, with tried and true Fitness Methodology  so training can be customized to the individual for a results oriented approach to wellness. 

If selecting the 450-Hour Comprehensive Training you are able to apply and sit for the Pilates Method Alliance National Exam.

Our curriculum runs from March to November.

Register by visiting our on-line scheduler section and select

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